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A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences
Classroom Essentials
Grade Level: K – 8th

How’s It Going?
A Practical Guide to Conferring with
Student Writers
Grade Level: 2nd – 8th

Assessing Writers
Grade Level: 3rd – 8th

About Carl Anderson

Carl Anderson is an internationally recognized expert in the teaching of writing for grades K-8.  He works as a consultant in schools and districts around the world, and is a longtime staff developer for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project.  Carl is the author of numerous books on teaching writing, including the new A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences, the best-selling How’s It Going?  A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers, Assessing Writers, and Strategic Writing Conferences: Smart Conversations that Move Young Writers Forward.  


Carl began his career in education as a teacher in elementary and middle schools in the Bronx, New York, Bardstown, Kentucky, and Northbrook, Illinois.


Carl is also known for being an avid fan of the Beatles, and his love for coaching little league baseball in Brooklyn, New York, where he lives with his family.


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I’m so glad @JSerravallo’s new book on conferring with readers and mine on conferring with writers are out at the same time. Enjoy, Tina! @HeinemannPub

Tina Graven@TinaGraven

@JSerravallo @ConferringCarl WEEKEND MADE!!! Can’t wait to read these!!

Strong writing starts with strong verbs. Avoid passive verbs. They should be lively and muscular. "The wind clawed at his face." (Henning Mankell) #joywrite

How many times today have your literacy skills come in handy to advocate for yourself or someone you care about, understand what someone else is trying to express, learn something new, earn a living, tell your truth, be entertained. It's nonstop.Literacy is just about everything.

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