A Teachers Guide to Mentor Texts K-5

by Carl Anderson

Your students will grow as writers when you teach with mentor texts. They’ll learn how to read like writers, so the authors of mentor texts become your students’ writing teachers, too.

In this step-by-step guide, Carl Anderson shows you how to put teaching with mentor texts at the center of your elementary writing classroom. You’ll learn how to find just-right mentor texts for your students, analyze texts for multiple craft and convention teaching points, and teach with mentor texts with your whole class, in small-group lessons, and in writing conferences.

Classroom video, annotated mentor texts, student writing samples, and teaching and planning tools give you what you need to teach effectively with mentor texts.

A Teacher’s Guide to Writing Conferences K-8
By Carl Anderson, Edited by Katie Wood Ray

Teaching writing is tough. Responding to students’ writing can be even tougher. Writing conferences are a way to help both you and your students find joy in the writing process. And too, conferences can help you provide one-on-one instruction that covers a wide range of writing skills and strategies. Helping students become better writers is what writing conferences are all about.

Assessing Writers
By Carl Anderson

Carl offers practical methods for gathering information about every writer in your classroom and shows you how to create writing lessons that address the needs of individual students as well as the whole class.

How’s It Going?
A Practical Guide to Conferring with Student Writers
By Carl Anderson
Foreword by Lucy Calkins

In this classic, Carl shares useful advice on the teacher’s role in conferences; strategies for teaching students to take an active role; ways to weave in literature; minilessons that support your conferring; and classroom-management strategies.

Strategic Writing Conferences
Smart Conversations that Move Young Writers Forward
By Carl Anderson

Although conferences appear to be informal conversations, they are in fact highly principled teaching interactions designed to move writers along learning pathways. Used strategically, conferences can be powerful interventions that address individual writing needs. Carl Anderson’s Strategic Writing Conferences is a curriculum resource and diagnostic guide for writing teachers looking to use conferences to move young writers another step forward. These conferences will enhance your current writing curriculum and help you confer with greater purpose and effectiveness.